Alone On The Boat

It has been 5 hours since I first got on the boat. Well it was more of a dingy but it did its job. I had been relaxing on the calm ocean waters; there was no one in sight. I moved gently to the rocking of the waves. My breathing was in sync with the waters; I breathed as they breathed. I felt connected with the earth; the ocean was one big network. I was alone but I wasn’t lonely. It was my own private solitude; alone on the boat.

Alone On The Boat by A Man Named Dan: Solitude


5 thoughts on “Alone On The Boat

  1. What a great boat image, Dan.
    Either WordPress or my laptop are on a go-slow this morning, so it may be related – but when I come to your post I do not see the image (only your header image) I had to go back to your home page to see the boat

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