Alone With The Voices

I was alone but not lonely. I wished for peace but I doubted I would have any. I had wound back here again, my feet had dragged me across the winding alleys and side-roads. Any sane person would have stayed away from this place, especially one who knew what happened here. But I had come back, just like I always have. Maybe it was part of what they did to me, who knows?

As I walked through the broken down corridors I remembered the agony we suffered. I heard Tom’s deep wails, and Clare’s wails. I heard Alistair and Janet’s sobbings. I heard Lee’s insane ramblings as the sun went down. Maybe it was some sort of mourning, maybe it was a repentance for making it out alive. I was the only person there but still I heard them. And so there I lay; alone with the voices.



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