Partners For Life

I had met her in a bar, and to be honest I didn’t think much of her at first glance. Sure she was easy on the eyes but she wasn’t exactly ‘hot’. So I was moving on, at least until my drunk friend Mike dared me to a bet. He thought I couldn’t get anyone’s number so I agreed and took him up on his bet.

Now there were many other people I would have rather chosen but I was playing things safe and now I’m glad I did. If not for that bet how would I ever know the beauty that Ruth was? How would I ever know the joy of seeing her smile? How would I know the pleasure I get from just being by her side? From telling her that I love her? From knowing that she loved me back?

Now, today was my wedding day and a confused Mike my best man (cheers Mike). But the joy was not seeing her walk down the aisle (though that was a pretty close second). The joy was after the party, after the formalities, after all the hassles of getting married; looking lovingly into her eyes and her looking lovingly into mine, and we both knowing that we were going to be partners for life.



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