Tremors And Floods

I don’t know when this all happened, when the earth went into ruins, but I do know that it was our fault. All the efforts we used to become more ‘civilised’ only damage the earth and by the end, it couldn’t sustain us anymore. Karma came back like a loan shark, and the whole world felt the pain.

The acid rain was first, destroying most of our water supplies. Then came the first wave of earthquakes. After that it was peaceful for a while, we thought it was over. We tried to see if we could escape of fix the planet. It was too late for neither.

The second wave of earthquakes wiped out those that were left. Only those who knew where to hide managed to come out alive, if only just barely. Now as I lie here, legs broken, I’m staring at something I’ve never seen before. Tidal waves bigger than the Everest are coming at me; past miles upon miles of dessert. And as I reach my end I do the only logical thing; I tremble.



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